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Would you like to know what you are worth, how to handle a counter offer or how to choose an executive recruiter? Our collection of career related articles will answer these questions and more.
What are you worth?

Why Use a Headhunter?
Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing and using executive recruiters

When A Headhunter Calls
Establish the type of connection that will ensure your future success.

Joyce Lain Kennedy's Columns
Search database of articles written by Joyce Lain Kennedy, career columnist from the Los Angeles times.

Is Your Resume Telling the Wrong Story?
Are you consistently sending out resumes and getting either irrelevant positions or no response at all? Well, it’s time to take a close look at the message your resume is sending to employers.

Why Counteroffers Are Lose-Lose Propositions
Before accepting a counteroffer from your employer, consider whether you’ll be the winner or the loser in this employment maneuver.

Advice on How to Give Notice Professionally While Staying in Control
Giving your notice of resignation should be a simple, thoughtful and a carefully planned event.

Ten Steps To a Successful Goodbye
How to complete the final chapter in your current job


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